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Why Realtors choose to partner with Income Property Services by Roelens Vacations?

Our inventory of luxury vacation rentals continues to grow. Our Real Estate Agent partners have played a substantial role in our ability to become one of the most utilized Income Property Services company servicing Southwest Florida.  Thanks to our local realtor communities, we are able to help investment property owners maximize their investments.

We are here to support our Realtor Partners by provided them with an alternative service to offer there clients when the sales market isn’t favorable.  We appreciate the high level of trust these realtors have given us and we’ll continue to work with agents from all brokerages throughout Southwest Florida. If you are a realtor and your believe we may be able to help you better serve your clients please five us a call today at 239.673.5112.

Get a free vacation rental income analysis


  • Roelens Vacation Rentals will help you and your buyer / investor with a FREE INCOME ANALYSIS before or after the purchase.

  • Yes, we have a NEW REFERRAL PROGRAM for agents who refer seasonal investors. Please call us for more details: 239-673-5112

  • We give you Listings. Yes, we will hand the investor back to you when ready to sell, we are not in the business of selling your investor’s properties.



“I referred Koen Roelens a German investor who wanted to build a home in Cape Coral and use it only for a month or so. Koen did a fantastic job of explaining the process, how the advertising, marketing and revenue management would be handled. Very professional and I am happy to give Roelens Vacation Rentals more foreign investors, they speak the language and understand this always changing short term rental market much better than me.” – Maureen

“Roelens Vacation Rentals walked my investor from Canada through the house and gave them numerous tips on how to furnish the property in order to satisfy every renter’s taste keeping my investors preferences in mind as well. They have flexible management programs and kept me, the agent, involved in the process. I felt still important and part of the new team around my investor. Loved it!” – Lorie

“Last month I referred my investors from Minnesota to several Vacation Rental companies in the Cape. They had just purchased their future retirement home and could use some rentals to offset the yearly expenses. They selected Roelens Vacation Rentals because of their extremely experienced team and all the useful tips they gave as far as property management and maximizing their profit. Best of all was that I also received a nice referral check in the mail. Thank you Roelens.” – Lorie


Property Management: full service property management including monthly statements, accounts payable, accounts receivable, tourist tax management, deposit returns, insurance renewals, property tax payments, income tax preparation, cleanings and cleaning schedules, electricity consumption calculations, registration with DBPR, City and State, …and other miscellaneous.

Rental Services: Worldwide Advertising on sites like VRBO, Homeaway, Tripadvisor, AirBnB, Flipkey,,,, Rental requests are answered same day within 3 hours.

Revenue Management: We use Hotel and Airline metrics like RevPar, ADR ad Occupancy Rates as our daily terms being laser focused on maximizing the rental income for our owners.

Predictable income: On the hand of the above metrics we can forecast and calculate your yearly income very accurately.

Communication: We guarantee a response time of “within hours” to owners and guests.

Pro Exposure: Pro Pictures, Drone Videos, Virtual Tours, Sunset Pictures in high resolution….there is so much more to Photography than pressing a button. Every shot taken is with the highest level of detail.

Reviews: We strongly encourage our guests to tell the world how much they enjoyed your vacation rental, we like to share with future guests how long lasting memories can be made AND these reviews will turn hesitant lookers into bookers.

Personal Touch: a Reservation means a minimum of 4 visits to your vacation rental: Pre-check-in, check-in, check-out, Post-check-out.

Super Duper Clean: Yes we actually look underneath beds and dressers, have a clean linen program, a steam carpet cleaning policy and of course toilets and door handles too. Bye germs, welcome new guest!

Pest Control: Every property is under a strict and guaranteed pest control program.

Staging: Want to furnish your home and be sure that all guests will like it? Let us influence your shopping cart, we will work with your budget and get your empty nest transformed in a gorgeous beauty in no time.

Languages: We speak YOUR language in GERMAN, ENGLISH, SPANISH, DUTCH & FRENCH…..any other language……yes we have Norwegians and homeowners from Sweden as well.

Repairs: We got you covered! Our friendly handyman will get that AC blowing cold air again in no time.

Liability: Yes we check that too. We offer a “liability” walk through your house pointing out potential hazards and how to solve them easily. We strongly recommend adding extra liability insurance, baby fences around pools, smoke detector upgrades, fire extinguishers in kitchens, cleaning out periodically dryer vents.

Taxes: We know this a “No Fun” subject….so let’s make it easier on you by taking care of your yearly Property Tax payments, Your yearly Income Tax preparation, your monthly Tourist and State taxes. Tip: ask us how to lower the property taxes and the income taxes.

Get a free vacation rental income analysis